We offer a wide variety of services. If you need it in the Dominican Republic, we can provide it!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us. In the highly unlikely scenario that we don’t provide the service you’re looking for, we will guide you in the right direction at no cost to you!

These are some of the services we provide. This is a non all inclusive list. The very nature of our organization leads us to providing hundreds of services. That is why we say: “if you need it in the Dominican Republic, we can provide it”.

  1. Feasibility studies in all areas.
  2. All types of company constitution.
  3. Fiscal and investment incentive laws consulting, application and processing.
  4. Procedure manual design for all types of organizations and companies.
  5. Reformulation and modification of company’s statutes.
  6. Export and import licenses application, processing and management.
  7. Design and notarization of all types of documents and contracts (please note that in Dominican Republic all notaries need to have a law degree)
  8. International commerce consulting.
  9. Legal consulting for all types of non profit organizations.
  10. Legal and financial consulting for all types of companies.
  11. General investor consulting.
  12. Design of condominiums statutes, including all mandatory statements and modifications.
  13. Legal counseling and defense for criminal, civil, commercial and all other types of law.
  14. Design of all types of architectural, electrical, sanitary and structural plans (blueprints) for any kind of development, touristic or any other kind of project.
  15. All types of company auditing.
  16. Estate law.
  17. Banking law consulting.
  18. Casino set up and license acquisition consulting.
  19. Financing mediation and representation.